Penalties for Dog Owner Negligence

dog owner negligence

If you or someone you love was bitten by a dog, David L. Milligan can help. Read on to learn more about the penalties for dog owner negligence and how to get the legal representation you need.

Penalties for Negligent Pet Owners

A person who has been bitten by a dog has the right to collect compensation of various kinds for the resulting injuries. A dog owner has an obligation to restrain his or her animal for public safety. Penalties for negligent pet owners may include paying for:

  • Medical bills related to treatment for the dog bite
  • Replacement of property that was damaged when the dog bite occurred
  • Wages lost due to time off work during recovery from the dog bite
  • Permanent disability due to the dog bite
  • Emotional distress from the dog bite

Settlement vs. Trial

Settling a dog bite case is a quicker way to resolve the issue, compared to going to trial. This is usually a less expensive option, because settlements are usually for lower amounts than the compensation that can be won from going to trial.

In the case of a settlement, you’ll privately negotiate an agreement with your dog bite attorney. The person bitten by the dog will also meet privately with his or her attorney to discuss the case. You, your insurance company, or a combination of both will be responsible for paying the settlement.

If the dog bite case goes to court, the judge will decide who is to blame. The judge will have the power to determine compensation for the injured party, deciding how much is owed in damages.

Going to trial usually takes longer, and the person who was bitten may win greater compensation in the end. Trial verdicts are also publicly available, so you won’t be able to keep the information private.

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If your dog has bitten someone or you have been bitten by a dog, board-certified civil trial attorney David L. Milligan can help. Dog owner negligence can come with serious penalties, and we can fight for dog owner rights and for the rights of the injured.

We’ll ensure your legal issues are resolved and will strive to get the most favorable results in any dog owner negligence case. Contact us today to learn if you’re liable for negligence.

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