Injuries Causing Disfigurement And Permanent Scarring

Any type of injury that creates a permanent, recognizable scar can be emotionally challenging to deal with. If you have suffered from an injury that involved a serious burn, laceration or other injury that leaves a visible disfigurement, you deserve to be compensated justly for your injuries.

It is important you choose a qualified, skilled legal team to handle your serious injury case. Without representation from an experienced lawyer, you could put your case in jeopardy and end up settling prematurely. The Law Offices of David L. Milligan, APC, is a well-established Fresno law practice focused exclusively on representing victims of catastrophic injuries. We handle cases all throughout the Central San Joaquin Valley.

“The insurance company said I caused my motor vehicle accident. They offered me $7,500. Mr. Milligan took my case to trail and received a jury verdict for over $150,000. Thank you for fighting for me, Mr. Milligan.”

Scarring And Disfigurement

Scarring and disfigurement are common with motorcycle accidents and any other type of injury where the victim has minimal protection and is involved in a high-impact collision. Serious scarring that affects a victim’s face or more prominent feature can be very challenging to deal with. As your attorney, David Milligan will work hard to help make sure you get maximum recovery for your injuries and can help you get in touch with a medical specialist who can help address your specific needs.

Burn Injuries

Our team helps victims of chemical burns, burns from coming into contact with fire, burns from car crashes and more. We work with victims of first- to third-degree burns and with those who suffer from other debilitating injuries.

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