Video Testimonials

Kizito’s Case

Kizito was born in Africa. The Insurance Company attempted to blame him in large part for this accident. We filed a lawsuit, and took it to all the way to Jury Trial obtaining a Verdict for over 33 Times their initial offer of settlement. On the “courthouse steps” the insurance company increased their offer (which was still unreasonable in our view, and ultimately in the Jury’s view as well leading to a Jury Verdict of about 7 times their “courthouse steps” offer). But we still weren’t done. After collecting every penny of the other person’s insurance available, we pursued an Underinsured Motorist Claim all the way to Arbitration yielding additional Arbitrator’s Judgment proceeds for Mr. Kizito O. In this case we fought and beat two insurance companies at their own game from Jury Verdict to Arbitration’s Award for Mr. Kizito O, winning both. We fought and won repeatedly for him, we can fight and win for you too.

Wayne’s Testimonial

What circumstances or event led you to hire an attorney?

Well, I was rear rear-ended while I was trying to merge onto the freeway, and it was pretty substantial. I was doing 40, and the guy hit me was doing 65 or 70, and there were no skid marks. It was a pretty good injury. But I waited about a week and a half after the accident because like any other guy, you’re going to wait until whatever this little inconvenience is, just goes away. But it wasn’t going away, it was getting more painful all the time. I had some swelling on my left leg. The seatbelt, I had it on too tight when I was hit, it clamped and ruptured my intestine, and I didn’t realize that. You know, I was rear-ended. I didn’t think that was going to happen. But you can be cut in half by a seatbelt or seatbelt related injuries. They may protect you from hitting the windshield, but they can also damage or destroy your internal organs.

Have you worked with an attorney before?

I got an attorney, but that attorney passed away. He had been getting all kinds of extensions, and I had deadlines. I didn’t realize that because he had failed to contact me. He was really reputable, and a lot of people endorsed him. I figured I would just sit back and wait. Finally I got a little nervous, and I went looking for him, and he was sick. He had been going in for kidney dialysis and stuff like that. He assured me he would be okay, but a week later he passed away. So, I got the files and started looking for attorneys. It’s a lot more difficult than people might imagine because a lot of attorneys are just good salesmen. They’re not as good of an attorney as they are a salesman. They’ll tell you they can handle it and all, and they give you a bag of goods. That happens more than I’d like to admit to. I went through about six or seven attorneys before I decided I would go ahead and go with David. Still, I wasn’t convinced at first, but then I got to know him a little better, and I saw how he did stuff. He’s really sincere with what he says. Most attorneys, you don’t know whether you’re going to believe them or not, and most of the time you’re not going to. Attorneys take advantage of what we don’t know, and they work that to their advantage. David didn’t do that. He’s not pretentious, he’s straightforward. You can tell he has a real passion for his work.

What was it like working with Mr. Milligan and his office staff?

Other attorneys keep you in the dark about a lot of things. You don’t really know what’s going on. With David, he was upfront with all the information. He explained everything. He explained what this may mean and what that may mean. All the terminology was laid out. Where I’ve been to other attorneys where I thought they were up to something, and they usually were. With somebody like David, I was fortunate to run into him. Like I said I’ve been through six maybe seven attorneys after the other one died, and none of them impressed me. One guy even told me I didn’t have much of a case. He said he could get me a couple hundred bucks.

What are some standout moments from your case?

We went to a meeting with a judge and with the other attorney from the other side, and they made an offer. The offer was ridiculous. David asked me what I wanted to do, and I said to go for the whole deal. They didn’t believe we would do it, but we did, and he stood by me. We won more than I was asking for. We were awarded almost double compared to it. I was actually suing the insurance company that I had. Because the person that hit me, had the same insurance as I did. They’ll provide him an attorney to get out of it, but they don’t care about me. And that is the whole idea behind insurance. It’s protection from getting injured, or when you get injured. I thought that was pretty low, but it’s interesting how you have to fight them now to get them to come across and be upright.

What were you most impressed with about working with Mr. Milligan?

Well, he confides in you. He makes you feel comfortable. He can see that you’re a regular person, and you’re not trying to deceive him, and your case is a real deal. He’s a hundred percent, you can tell.

Would you recommend Mr. Milligan to a colleague or friend?

I would tell them, “Look, this is the guy. Just forget about what everybody says. Other attorneys are telling you this and that, but this is worth investigating and trying to get this guy as your attorney.” Some people take the advice, some don’t. I had one guy who got rear ended, and I told him. I said, “Man this is the guy to get.” I know he never called him, which I thought was sad. I forgot what happened on his case. I think it went into the toilet. But I would definitely recommend him to anybody I know, without any hesitation.

Charlie’s Testimonial

What circumstances or event led you to hire an attorney?

I was going down the road, and a truck made an illegal left turn in front of me, and I hit the front of the truck. I flew over it and landed in the bed of the truck. I went into the hospital, of course. I knew Rianna as a friend, and she recommended hiring David Milligan as a lawyer for me, so I proceeded with that.

Since you are from the Central Coast, was there any hesitation hiring a lawyer from the valley?

No, that didn’t bother me at all. It didn’t make any difference where the lawyer was, as long as he was a good lawyer and was willing to fight for me, which he did.

What was it like working with Mr. Milligan and his office staff?

He was very easy to work with and get a hold of. He kept me informed of what was going on step by step as the proceedings went along. He had a rough time with a lot of the things people had said about the accident, especially the kid that pulled out in front of me. He was just a really good lawyer to work with. Really nice and really helpful.

What are some of the standout moments from your case?

We had a lot of problems with what the officer had written down. One witness was a CHP officer in my case and he had written everything down, and we found out later that the supervisor of the Arroyo Grande Police Department had changed a lot of things. We had to hire a private investigator to get that straightened out.

What were you most impressed with about working with Mr. Milligan?

I think his willingness to help somebody out that was in the position that I was in and do everything he could for me.

Would you recommend Mr. Milligan to a colleague or friend?

He takes care of the problem. He fights for you, and he’s a really nice guy. He got me what I wanted. I would tell them what I got as a settlement, and how good he did for me as far as fighting the case and looking into problems with the case. He wasn’t just out for money to put in his pocket. He was actually out for the client, to take care of the client and get him or her the most money he can. “Hire David Milligan. He’s a good lawyer. He’ll get you what you want.”

Arcenio Arellano’s Testimonial

What circumstances or event led you to hire an attorney?

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was during income tax season. It was around 10:00 o’clock in the morning, and I was walking to do my income taxes and catch the bus. I was crossing the street at Martin Luther King and Annadel Street, and a car was making a left turn. But she was going too fast, and she made the turn too sharp, and she came into on-coming traffic and hit me. When she hit me, she struck me on my left side and knocked me out. When I came to, everything was still spinning around. I had no idea what happened to me. I stood up, and I threw my hands up. The lady stopped probably two blocks down. I went to the sidewalk, and I fell again. That’s when the ambulance, the police, and everybody else came. They put me on a stretcher, and they took me to the hospital. They said if she would have hit me just a little bit harder, I wouldn’t be here today. My brother came up to me and told me, “My friend went through the same thing that you went through. Here’s his lawyer, and he’s a pretty good lawyer. Give him a call and see what happens. I’m pretty sure you do have a case.” I thought ok, well, I have nothing to lose. I called him, and the same day he gave me an appointment. I came in, and then we just hit it off.

Have you worked with an attorney before?

I had never worked with an attorney before. That was my first time. I was pretty banged up, and I didn’t really know what to do or anything. Because that same day I had my job interview to work at Vallarta for a night position, but I couldn’t make it because I got hit by the car. It was like I couldn’t lose nothing, so why not try.

What was it like working with Mr. Milligan and his office staff?

As soon as I came in, that same week, he had already scheduled me doctor’s appointments, doctor visits, MRI, Cat Scans, the whole nine yards. He made me feel really comfortable when I first came in. I went to court with that person, and we took it all the way through. Throughout the whole thing, David stuck with me through thick and through thin. We had our up’s, and we had our downs. It was hard for me. I couldn’t get anywhere because I had no car. It was hard to be able to walk. I couldn’t make it to the appointments that David scheduled for me sometimes. He said, “You know what, it’s okay. I understand. We’ll schedule you another one.” Anytime I came in we sat, and we talked about the whole case. He told me what was happening in the case. He told me what we were going to do in the case, and how we would go about it. And I felt pretty confident coming into the trial and all that. I sued for medical bills, personal injury, pain and suffering, and the whole nine yards. We won. It was pretty good. The whole six years it was gruesome. It was a long wait, but David helped me out through everything.

What were you most impressed with about working with Mr. Milligan?

He really cared about my wellbeing, and my family’s wellbeing too. He saw that I was suffering, and my family was suffering too. He was trying to make me feel more comfortable throughout this whole process. It was, I think about six years, it carried on. It was pretty hard. I really didn’t think my lawyer would actually care about my wellbeing and let alone my family’s wellbeing and their state of mind. Because whatever happens to you, happens to your family. If you’re stressing, your family is stressing, and that’s not good. I couldn’t work, and there was a lot of friction between me and my wife. At one point we almost got divorced. He asked if we would consider going to marriage therapy. We both considered it, and we both went. A lot of attorneys wouldn’t do that. He saw that it wasn’t only affecting me. It was affecting my whole family. I really think that he really exceeded anybody’s expectations in that way. With David he’s trying to go and put everybody at ease. He’s there to calm your state of mind, and give you a state of peace. His words were, “I’m here to help you out no matter what. If you need help, or if you need somebody to talk to, here’s my personal cell phone number. Call me anytime day or night, I’m here.” I never ever had one doubt that he was just in there just for the money. He was just there for my wellbeing and for my family’s wellbeing.

What were some standout moments from your case?

The one moment where I went to the hospital because I had a big headache, and the emergency room couldn’t help me out. That day I called David, and I was telling David, “You know, I’m having these really bad headaches.” He said, “Okay, we’re going to get you to the emergency room with your specialist.” That same day I signed the papers to leave the emergency room just to go to my specialist, and they gave me about four injections in the back of the head. Oh my God, that saved me so bad. I was in so much pain. If it wasn’t for him doing that, I would have been there for days without the hospital even knowing what was wrong with me. To me, he made a miracle happen to me that day.

Would you recommend Mr. Milligan to a Colleague or friend?

Like how my brother came and told me, “Look my friend went through this. Here’s his lawyer’s number, why don’t call him.” That’s how I got in touch with David. I would be more than happy if I see somebody in the street or anything like that, to tell them, “Hey, here’s my lawyer’s card. He’s fantastic at this. He will do a great job. Call him. You have nothing to lose.”

Stacy’s testimonial

How would you describe your experience working with Mr. Milligan?

When I first was recommended to Mr. Milligan, I was very, very pleased with the way he treated me, and how he kept in contact with me on a daily basis of what was going on in the case. Even when my mom got into her car accident, he walked me through everything when he didn’t have to.

What did you appreciate most about working with Mr. Milligan?

He gave me a personal phone number that I could contact him at any time, and I have been very pleased with the services and the outcome. He even kind of put a rush on things for me, just for my benefit.

Would you hire Mr. Milligan again?

If I had to come back and have him handle another case for me, I would definitely come back.

Stephanie’s case

What circumstances or event led you to hire an attorney?

My brother and I went to get dog tags for my mother’s dog, and we were in front of City Hall. The car was pulling out of the parking stall, so I had to stop, and we sat there for a couple of minutes. Then we were rear-ended by the Sheriff’s department vehicle. The gentleman inside said that he was a Sheriff’s officer, and then later we found out he was a technician for them.

Have you ever worked with an attorney before?

Yes, I have. There’s been a couple that I have worked with.

What was your experience like working with them?

I was not very happy with the outcome of those. I did have some hesitation on whether I really should or not, or just let it go.

How did working with Mr. Milligan differ from other attorneys you have worked with in the past?

After working with Mr. Milligan, I was amazed. I was just floored with the way that he handles his business. He doesn’t look like he’s just in it for the money. He actually loves what he’s doing, and you can see it. You can see the passion and the excitement that he puts out. When he was working on my case, he wasn’t also working on somebody else’s case at the same time. It made me feel more comfortable that he was more focused, and that I’m not just some “Joe Shmoe” that walked in off the street. And it turned out a hundred times better than what I expected because of how he handled the case, and the research that he did. It’s been pleasant. It’s been a very good experience. I would recommend him to anybody and everybody.

What hesitations did you have about hiring an attorney for your case, and how did you overcome them?

He was amazing. He was confident. He didn’t stutter, that’s for sure. He knew exactly what he was doing and knew exactly what was coming up, and when it was coming up. He knew every letter of the law that he needed to know.

Would you recommend Mr. Milligan to a colleague or a friend?

I would definitely recommend him to start with. And I would tell them, “This guy is awesome. He knows what he’s doing, and he loves what he’s doing.” And we all know when somebody likes what they’re doing, they do it even better than just learning how to do it. His passion for what he does is just beyond him, and you can see it in his actions.

He’s very straight forward. There’s no beating around the bush. He’s very honest with you. He tells you like it is, and he doesn’t give you false hope to think that you’re going to get something that you’re not. He’s just an all-around great guy.

Clients’ feedback about Mr. Milligan

How would you describe your experience working with Mr. Milligan and his law office?

I think they were very helpful, and we were very satisfied with their work.

How would you describe your experience working with Mr. Milligan and his law office?

Very impressed with Mr. Milligan’s speed with which he handled the case. I just hired him in August, and I’m already getting a settlement now in February.

Would you recommend Mr. Milligan?

I would highly recommend him to anybody else who needs a personal injury lawyer. Thank you.

Victor’s testimonial

What circumstances or event led you to hire an attorney?

Me and my sister, we were going to city hall to get dog tags for our dogs. And we were sitting there, and as we were sitting there waiting for a parking spot a sheriff’s employee ran into the back of us with a government vehicle.

How were you referred to Mr. Milligan?

I called some other attorneys, actually. And the other attorneys were more or less not apt to go after a government official of any type, or of anything that has to do with Fresno City or Fresno County. They more or less like to stay out of it. Well, David decided that he wanted to take this case. He was actually the only one I found that would go against the government of Fresno County.

How has Mr. Milligan differed from other attorneys you have worked with in the past?

You know, I have been in situations where I needed to hire attorneys; and actually one of the attorneys that I hired on one of the cases is a judge now. As soon as he started working for us, I could already see we were going to have a good case. David is definitely top of his game. You could tell that, you know, that he wants to win. His main thing, his main goal is to win. It takes a lot to impress me, and he impressed me. As soon as he said he would take the case and we talked to him, I could already see that he’s good at what he does, you know. We sat, and we talked to each other and got to know each other before we even talked about the case, and I could already see that he had the same intensity I did, you know, I want to win.

What did you like best about working with Mr. Milligan?

If you have questions, he’s always got an answer for you. You know, it’s not like, “Well, let me call you back.” Or, you know, “I don’t have time right now to discuss that.” He’ll make time for you. He’ll make you an appointment and you’ll actually be able to sit down, and he’ll give you everything the way he sees it. If you send him an email, he’ll email you back within the next 15 minutes. It’s pretty awesome, you know. He knows how to move around the court room. He knows how to speak to the jury. He’s always respectful in the things he says, even to witnesses, or to the defense’s witnesses. I mean, his theatrics are excellent, you know. I mean there’s a lot of times – – like I said, you know, he’s a “Perry Mason” of our time. If you’ve ever watched Perry Mason, and if you’ve watched him move around the court room and the way he talks, and he explains things. And then pretty soon he’ll have that “Perry Mason” moment, you know, where everybody’s just like, “Oh.”

What was it like working with Mr. Milligan’s office staff?

I would say, you know, like the cliché, “Behind every good man, there’s a good woman.” Well, I would have to say his staff behind him is – – his team is awesome. I mean, I couldn’t even rate them from one to ten because they’re just off the scale. Everybody he has working for him, they know what they’re doing. They know what part they play. You know, it’s just like a machine. Every part has a place, and everybody in that office knows where their place is, and their place is to make that machine work.

Would you recommend Mr. Milligan to a colleague or a friend?

I would recommend him to anybody. I’d pull a card out of my wallet and hand it to them and say, “If you want a good attorney, call this guy. If you were in an accident, call this guy.” He’s a good attorney. I would tell them “If you want a good attorney, hire this guy.”

I believe in David a lot. I just have a thing for David, you know. He’s a good attorney. I would recommend him to anybody.

Meredith’s testimonial

What circumstances or event led you to hire an attorney?

I was involved in an auto accident. I actually was on a moped and on the losing end. And I had a shattered foot and ankle. The lawyer that I had previous to Mr. Milligan was wonderful, but personal injury is not his specialty, so, I ended up with Mr. Milligan. And he settled the case amazingly fast. I was very happy, definitely.

Did you have any hesitations about hiring Mr. Milligan?

I was nervous. I called around and googled, you know, just like anybody else. I made a call and within the first minute of the phone call this attorney was like, “Yeah, okay. I’ve got your case, and I’m taking it on, and I’m sending someone out to meet with you.” And I was like, “Woe, that’s a little too fast there, Nellie, slow down.” You know, it was really unsettling, so I called around some more. And quite honestly, what I read about Mr. Milligan on the web was, you know, he had a stellar rating, of course. But he had past Navy experience, and I was a sailor so I thought, you know, this is going to be a guy who’s going to shoot straight and get things done. And that’s exactly what I got.

What was it like working with Mr. Milligan and his staff?

He definitely was what I thought he would be. He was excellent, super-fast. All above the board. He didn’t make me feel uncomfortable at all. I was really, really pleasantly surprised and impressed. Mr. Milligan’s staff is really great as well. They respond in a very timely manner either by email or phone. I contacted them both ways, and whether I was calling or emailing, I always got a response.

Would you recommend Mr. Milligan to a colleague or friend?

He’s very honest, very straight shooter, above the board, and definitely effective. He’ll get the job done that’s for sure.

Pretty much, like, the minute I walked in here and met Mr. Milligan and his staff, I felt like I knew I had definitely made the right decision here. This is the right office, for sure. I would definitely recommend him to anybody.

Keith and Peggy’s testimonial

What circumstances or event led you to hire an attorney?

In 2011 a guy ran a stop sign and t-boned me, and I rolled three times. And I had to have a finger amputated because of the accident. And I wasn’t getting any results, so I looked around, and I found Mr. Milligan, and he took my case. Once he took my case, it was just kind of a miracle the way, all of the sudden, all the medical people started taking care of me. So, that was a good thing.

Have you ever worked with an attorney before?

We really had never dealt with an attorney before. We just knew – – one thing we did know is that it would be handled correctly, you know, we wanted to make sure everything was in place. We were starting to get confused. People would come ask us questions, and we wouldn’t know which way to turn. So, that’s kind of why we decided to go with an attorney. To see if somebody could help us with it all.

Did you have any hesitations about hiring Mr. Milligan?

Yes. Well, because you hear all the rumors people say. They say,” They’re ambulance chasers, and they come in and take all the money, and you don’t get no money.” I was telling my wife, after that first accident, I said, ”You know, this is so overwhelming, and I don’t care who we see.” And I just started going through the phonebook and everything. Then we actually talked to two or three different people. We came in one Saturday morning. We just stopped. We saw the sign, and he just happened to be in the office. We sat there, and we talked to him. I was like, well, this is the guy we are going to go with because he seemed like he actually cared about what the hell was going on.

What was it like working with Mr. Milligan and his office staff?

The first thing he did was assure us we didn’t do anything wrong because we thought we did something wrong. Because when we were talking to the insurance companies, they were saying, “Oh you guys should be paying for this.” And he said, ”No.” The first thing he did was assure us we didn’t do anything wrong. That we need to talk to the insurance companies, and that they need to be paying for what happened. He relieved that in us. You know, the main thing is, we didn’t know who to go to. We didn’t know what to do, or who we were supposed to talk to. My medical bills were piling up. My surgeries were already over $30,000. People were trying to bill me and stuff like that, and I said, “No, it’s an accident. Why am I paying for it? It’s the other person that crashed into me.” That’s when I went into see Mr. Milligan. So, he really helped ease my mind about that. He got all those people off of my back, and then he started working with us and explained to us the process. As soon as that happened a lot of the stress left, and I was allowed to heal, you know, it allowed me to actually not worry about all that stuff going on around me. All I had to worry about was getting better. He’s very professional, that’s what I would say. Very professional when you bring a problem to him or you address a problem with him. He’s always keeping in contact with his customers. He follows up every month and makes sure that everything is being handled correctly, and I like that. It seems like he knows what he’s doing. The word I would use is, ”professional.”

What were you most impressed with about working with Mr. Milligan?

He seemed to care, I mean, we always had the impression that lawyers were cold and calculating, dispatched, but I never got that feeling with him. I mean, I know he’s doing a job. I know he needs to get paid, but he also took into consideration our emotional state and thoughts, and I appreciate that. I like the fact that – – it’s just like he knows what’s going on, and, you know, I don’t know how to explain it exactly. It’s just like he knows what to do, and when to do it, and who to call.

How would you recommend Mr. Milligan to a colleague or friend?

He’ll help you get what you deserve, and he doesn’t treat you like a piece of meat. He treats you like a real person, a customer that he cares about. I think his whole thing is that he likes doing what he does. Of course he needs to get paid, but he’s also doing it because he’s passionate about who he’s helping, and I think that’s what sets him apart. He’s going to get what he needs, but he’s also going to help you get what you need. You’ll get some positive feedback, some healing, and some emotional stability in your life. That’s what happened with us. We didn’t know what the hell was going on, and after we saw him, within two weeks we didn’t have to worry about anything. And he constantly kept in contact with us and made sure we were doing okay. And I think that’s a good thing.

My thing is, if you’re in an accident and you don’t know what you need to do, you need to see Mr. Milligan because he not only takes care of you emotionally, he won’t treat you like a piece of meat. He’ll make sure that everything that needs to get done will get done properly, and that’s the most important thing.

Joe’s testimonial

What circumstances or event led you to hire an attorney?

I was sitting at a stop sign and got ready to take off, and a guy hit me from the back.

Have you ever worked with an attorney before?

To be honest with you, I had actually hired an attorney down in LA. One of those ones that advertise on the radio and stuff like that, and I wasn’t really happy with the response I was getting from them. The fact that they were down there, and I was here. They would say one thing and then send me paperwork, and it would be completely different, and I just decided to look for a local attorney. And somewhere along the line David’s name came up.

What was it like working with Mr. Milligan and his office staff?

If I had any questions, I was able to ask him. If there was any thoughts about anything, I could email and get a response really quick. It was just – – it was easy.

Did you have any hesitations about hiring Mr. Milligan?

No. I just decided I wanted to deal with somebody locally that I could walk into their office and find out what was going on. I just felt like I was a number with one of these other attorneys. You know, they probably had – – in fact, I probably wasn’t even working with the attorney that I hired. I was probably working more with an associate, and that’s not what I was looking for.

Would you recommend Mr. Milligan to a colleague or friend?

Well, I already have referred a couple of people to him. I just think he’s easy to work with, that’s all. I mean, there’s no bs. There’s no blue sky flying at you telling you they’re going to work the world for you. He’s very straight forward, you know. He says, “Here’s what I hope to do, and if we get there, we get there. If we don’t, we don’t.” I mean, I wasn’t left with any false expectations.

Anthony’s testimonial

Hi, my name is Anthony, and I give permission for Mr. Milligan to use this video on the internet and for promotions. I would like to tell you a couple of things about Mr. Milligan’s team here. I was involved in an accident a while back, and I was referred to Mr. Milligan. I’m very pleased that I chose to go with him and his team. I was very pleased with their professionalism, and their friendly staff, and their courtesy. The staff here was over the top friendly. They were great. Great teamwork that I saw here, professional. A couple of things I would like to tell you about why I would refer Mr. Milligan to you is, I was very pleased with the amount that I received. I received much more than I expected, and I was very pleased that he was able to reduce my medical bill by almost a third. He also reduced his fees so that I could have more in my pocket, and I thought that was just outstanding. I don’t know what else to say. They are just a great team here. The people here are great. They worked really hard to get my case solved in a very efficient amount of time, so if you’re looking for a good team to hire, this is the place to do it.

Cindy’s testimonial

Hi, my name is Cindy, and I give permission to Mr. Milligan to use this video on the internet and for promotions. He is an excellent lawyer. He and his associate, Rayanna, got me three times what the insurance company was offering me. They also kept me reassured and calm. When the insurance company was being mean and dirty, and telling lies, they kept me calm and reassured. Anytime I started worrying about anything, I could call them and be immediately reassured. They were fantastic. They made sure I had nothing to worry about. When everything was settled, they made sure all of my medical bills were taken care of and paid for. I didn’t even have to worry about that, and that was fantastic.

What would you tell somebody looking for an attorney out there, why us?

Well, they don’t hide from you. Some attorneys don’t want to answer your phone calls or anything like that. They want to know what’s going on. They want to know so they can help you deal with it. It’s kind of like a personal touch, you know, they get to know what you need. It’s like if I needed reassurance, or I come in, and I bring this paper and say, “Look what they did! Look what they did! Why did they lie?” They were like, “All right, calm down. We’re going to deal with this right now.” And they would take me back there, and tell me what they were going to do about it and then proceed to do it, even right in front of me. So, I mean, that was fantastic. I enjoyed that. Thank you.