Traumatic Burn Injury

With everything that you have been going through, fighting for your recovery, let the Law Office of David Milligan fight for you in your traumatic burn injury case.

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Why Would You Consider Having The Law Office Of David Milligan Represent You?

In addition to our unparalleled representation of your case, Mr. Milligan is a “Master Advocat” through the National Institute for Trial Advocacy, he was the president of the Central California Trial Lawyers Association, recognized nationally for the last six years as an outstanding Civil Litigation Attorney through Martindale-Hubbel, and a lifetime member of the Million Dollar Advocates forum.

In other words, its very hard to find a nationally-recognized attorney that chooses to have less cases to provide the level of representation you deserve.

Thousands of people suffer burn injuries each year across the United States, sustained at work, while driving, or in household accidents. Burns of any degree can be extremely painful, and in some cases they will require long periods of recovery and rehabilitation, accompanied by extended hospital stays, costly surgeries, and continuing medical treatment. When the burns are the result of the negligent or reckless conduct of another party, a personal injury lawsuit may be filed to obtain compensation for the victim’s pain and suffering, medical bills, and other related expenses.

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