Lacerations And Disfigurement

You deserve to have a detail-oriented lawyer who will aggressively fight for you. The Law Office of David Milligan is here to represent you in your lacerations and disfigurement case.

Instead of hiring an attorney that will take your case among their countless other cases, you deserve a much more focused approach. We’re very selective about the cases we take on because we believe that you deserve the absolute best representation possible.

Why Would You Consider Having The Law Office Of David Milligan Represent You?

In addition to our unparalleled representation of your case, Mr. Milligan is a “Master Advocate” through the National Institute for Trial Advocacy, he was the president of the Central California Trial Lawyers Association, recognized nationally for the last six years as an outstanding Civil Litigation Attorney through Martindale-Hubbel, and a lifetime member of the Million Dollar Advocates forum.

In other words, its very hard to find a nationally-recognized attorney that chooses to have less cases to provide the level of representation you deserve.

Injuries that cause scarring or disfigurement, leave constant physical reminders of the accident or attack and the suffering that ensued. Some people may even suffer deep psychological damage. Children may forever be afraid of animals after a dog attack, for example, or an accident victim may not want to leave the house in fear of others staring or making fun of an appearance. Even in cases where someone can return to work and live a relatively normal life, it is still important to seek compensation for these injuries.

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