Why State Route 99 is One of the Most Dangerous Roads in CA

According to a recently published study by ValuePenguin, California State Route 99 is not only the deadliest highway in CA, it is also the deadliest in the entire country. The city of Fresno was found to be the most dangerous city along this route with 35 fatal accidents across a five year period.

While this is only one study with a methodology that may not be agreeable to some, it is easy to see why Fwy 99 scored so high in the study.

Here’s why California State Route 99 is one of the most dangerous highways in CA.

High Number of Fatal Accidents

For those who regularly travel on Fwy 99, it should come as no surprise that this is arguably the most dangerous road in CA. According to the above study, there were 62 fatal accidents per 100 miles along I-99.

California State Route 99 has been called the “main artery” of Tulare County by some, due to the high amount of traffic on this highway.

Deadly Darkness

The study also noted that I-99 was the darkest of any highway in America. The risk of being involved in an accident goes up along unlit portions of road. Almost 40% of all fatal accidents on California State Route 99 occurred in the dark.

Drunk Drivers

Fwy 99 was also found to have the second highest number of fatal accidents involving a drunk driver nationwide. Over a five year period, there were 17 fatal accidents per 100 miles.

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